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HVAC Myths, Busted: Part 1

It can be difficult to consider anything else when we’re so used to doing things a certain way for so long. In our industry, this means that many people have been doing the same air conditioning and heating habits for years without really ever stopping to question whether those ways are correct. This causes a variety of HVAC Myths to come up!

Is it truly best to leave the AC on while you’re away? Does keeping the fan on help cool the room? Check out some of the most popular HVAC myths, debunked here.

MYTH: The larger the air conditioner, the more effectively it will cool the house.

FACT: This is incorrect! A more extensive HVAC system does not always imply greater efficiency or comfort. When it’s time to replace your heating or cooling system, make sure it’s the right size. An enormous unit may adequately heat and cool your home, but it will likely cycle on and off frequently, resulting in excessive humidity levels inside. Other comfort issues are likely to arise, such as dust from leaking ducting and poor air circulation.

On the other hand, an undersized unit may run for longer than necessary, increasing your energy cost. As your HVAC professionals, we can measure your home and thoroughly assess your current system, including ductwork, insulation levels, and other elements that play a role in determining the optimum system size for your home. Anyone who merely replaces your present system with one of similar size is taking a dangerous shortcut that could result in excessive energy bills, voiding warranties, and other serious issues.

MYTH: It’s a waste of energy to turn off the air conditioner when you leave the house.

FACT: It’s a frequent fallacy that setting your air conditioner to a higher temperature throughout the day saves you money over shutting it off completely. In actuality, turning off your system when you’re not using it always saves more energy.

New programmable thermostats conserve energy by turning your air conditioning off when you leave and back on when you return.

MYTH: The most significant source of heating and cooling loss is through the windows.

FACT: While this is possible, it’s much more likely that you’re wasting energy through your ceiling or roof. Air leaks and poor insulation in walls and the ceiling or roof account for around half of the average home’s heating and cooling loss.

All air leaks around your windows, however, should be repaired. You will significantly reduce your heating and cooling expenditures if you properly caulk and maintain your home.

MYTH: The filter only needs to be changed once a year.

FACT: A clogged filter restricts airflow and clogs the system. While the system is running, clean or replace the filter every few months.

MYTH: Fans and ceiling fans keep rooms cool even when you’re not there.

FACT: Ceiling fans do not heat or cool a space. People and animals feel more relaxed when near a fan; however, this is mainly due to the wind chill effect. It does not lower the room’s temperature. Even so, we all know how refreshing a cool breeze feels on a hot summer day. Ceiling fans also allow you to raise the temperature while maintaining the same degree of comfort.

Only use ceiling fans to enhance your heating and cooling when you’re in the room. When you go, turn off the fans. If you want to save electricity, turn your HVAC system off or lower the temperature.

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